We offer professional services at affordable prices and complimentary consultations.


Clients who seek administrative services often do so after acquiring new properties or when they find themselves in a downward financial spiral.

We encourage you to be proactive.   Take advantage of our services and prevent a crisis from happening.

Remember, seeking professional services is a wise investment.  Contact us today.

corporate training

Corporate training are customized to meet your company's needs.

Sometimes group training of up to thirty  people are appropriate. Others might require only one on one sessions.


Time frames can range anywhere from one day to several weeks or months. Part-time or full-time. 

We understand the needs of every company is different which is why we are able to make recommendations only after a thorough consultation.

Training is normally requested for the following:

1. Delinquency Reduction

When active accounts carry high debts, there are effective ways to collect that income. 


We will teach your staff how to reduce this debt and keep it down. More importantly, we will help them to identify red flag items, ahead of time, so as to avoid high debt accumulation.


We encourage the entire office staff to take this training.

2. Processes and Procedures

Who, what, where, when, why and how??? Does your entire team have clear guidance on task processes and procedures?


If not, they may seem to be unproductive and unorganized. However, they may need more direction.

It is the team leader’s duty to ensure there is organization and structure in place.  

Call us today to get the chaos out of your office!


3. Lease Ups

If you currently have or if you expect to have multiple vacant units, you need a plan to get them leased.  We are able to develop awesome, budget-friendly marketing strategy for your team to utilize or we can do the lease up for you.  It's totally up to you!


Reaching out to us, in advance, before units are rent ready, can reduce your vacancy loss tremendously.

file audits & corrections

A well structured filing system and organized files are key components in your property management business. File audits should be done periodically on your business management files as well as your residential files.
We recommend the following audits on a regular basis:
a. Security Deposit Active
b. Inactive Files
c. Active Ledger
d. Owner and Vendor 
We audit our clients' files, identify problems, while keeping their standards in mind.   We  observe your team's practices and finally we provide you with written instructions on how to correct or we can make all corrections for you to see the change you desire!
Either way, we are here to help!

delinquency reduction

The longer money is left uncollected the harder it will be to collect.


Don’t wait any longer to fix this problem.


Bad debt reflects negatively on the financial performance of a property thus making it harder to refinance or sell.

If you are an owner manager you owe it to yourself to collect. If you are a fee based management company, it is your responsibility.

This service is for bad debt reduction on active files and mostly requested by firms who don’t have the time or staff to dedicate to this work.   

Not to worry, we are just an email away!

tenant placement

Put our experience and skill to work for you in finding the right resident for your properties.



We have the tools, skill, and experience to market your properties and find a qualified resident!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

1. We market

2. We bring you qualified applicants

3. You select the applicant and take over from there


It just couldn’t get any easier!     Email us today.

rehab or turnkey consulting

Is your property vacant or

about to be vacant?

Is it time to prepare it to be

rented or sold?


Do you want to make it more functional?

Do you need exterior or interior design advice?

Rather than let the property sit vacant  or sit on the market for longer than necessary- get some help!


Today's families, at all price points, seek attractive design schemes and functional layouts- you would be amazed at the difference it makes!