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partnership matters

When we work together, more can be done.  Education is a huge part of combatting our housing crisis but more is needed.

We lock arms with our parnters as they are also committed to bringing positive change in the marketpalce.


 Thank you,

 Jammie R. Gray








Being Rent Ready makes a powerful and meaningful impact in a number of ways:


a. Organization's clients will see an increased number of approved rental application.

b. Preservation of resources as better informed clients can lead to sustained housing which results in less demand on Organization's resources.

c. Landlords and community partners of the Organization will be encouraged to remain partners knowing that attendees have taken a course in responsible tenancy.

d. Attendees will receive valuable guidance on the application process, during the housing search, during tenancy and afterwards.


This workshop is critical in so that fewer renters are adversely impacted by negative credit marks, poor rental history and excessive financial judgements owed to previous Landlords.


Armed with this information, participants can save time and money and are housed sooner thus reducing homelessness.



Ask about our “The Rent Ready Soldier” for active duty service members and "The Rent Ready Veteran". 

Knowledge is Purchase Power is a comprehensive home buying consultation to say the least. 

It goes beyond explaining the process, it begins with reviewing the fundamentals of the decision, financial formulas associated with the process, various loan options available, and lastly, the closing process.


This workshop is unique in that it also encourages responsible purchases, owner occupied investments and building generational wealth.


Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how the process works and how to set and achieve goals that result in home ownership.  


 More than a course in credit awareness!

Credit has always been a taboo subject and folks are often hesitant to talk about it.


I am encouraging you to get out of your own way.


Know that our workshops are a safe space to learn, ask questions and get resources.


Forget about what other people think. It's not important.

As a Real Estate Agent and Property Manager, I've worked with Lenders for years!  Now, I am sharing credit tips from lender and creditor perspectives! 

You will learn:
a. How to increase scores without spending 
b. The fundamentals of credit
c. Home loan credit score requirements
d.  Great credit resources

e. Industry formulas and what they mean

f. Free & affordable ways to dramatically raise credit scores



Becoming a Landlord.png

Becoming a Landlord By Choice or By Default


 A course in foreclosure prevention

There are those who are able to choose this job and there are others who are forced in to the role due to employment relocation.

No matter how you arrive there, knowing what to do is critical.

This workshop goes beyond explaining the process, it begins with reviewing the Landlord responsibilities, property manager responsibilities, financial setups and bookkeeping, cost analysis development lastly, tlearning the differences in Landlords and Property Managers and Investors.


For potential homeowners, it fully explains owner occupied investment properties, how it can be used to build generational wealth and create financial freedom. 


For homeowners who are frequently relocated by their employer, the likelihood of being a Landlord is high. 


Often and at the outset, this population of homeowners assume their homes will sell when its time to relocate. What if it doesn't?  Homeowners can be thrust into financial hardship having a housing bill in one location and needing to secure more housing in another.


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