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Jammie R. Gray

The Real Estate
Marketplace Advocate

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Who isJG?

Who is JG?

Jammie Gray began her journey as a child learning and working alongside her Father, a real estate investor, who did so continuing his parents’ legacy who were also investors and agents for social causes .

Jammie’s  journey continued in a similar fashion as a professional property manager in the multi- family and single family industries. 

As a real estate agent, she encourages legacy building with real estate as a tool to create generational wealth. 

She has worked with homeowners, investors and contractors on renovation projects of all sizes.  

Like her Father, Jammie became an agent for social causes by using grass-root experiences, and formal training to create substantive educational curricula for marketplace stakeholders. She teaches Continuing Education classes through her Georgia approved real estate school- GBM Instruction.


Classes and trainings are concentrated on practical matters and solutions to promote successful property management, housing sustainability, and a reduction in Landlord violations and a reduction in Tenant violations.

Her compassion for others is an undeniable and inherited characteristic of her family spanning back generations. 


Jammie Gray is but a woman paying rent for her room on this earth.


  “Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth”    Shirley Chisolm

What is... 

A Real Estate Marketplace Advocate?

My work creates value for clients who are navigating the complexities of real estate tasks and transactions.


We help clients avoid common pitfalls and produce more successful outcomes through services, consultation and training.  


Being a marketplace advocate is to contribute to its improvement while serving clients.

For Purchase & Sales Representation

For Education & Training

For Short Term Support Services

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